'1991er LX

This is the last facelift made by Nissan in the late 1980s.

Micra K10 LX (HLFK10UI)
The standard Micra has a MA12 and a manual 5 speed gearbox with the LX configuration. The owner has no special wishes to the car, it only needs to be cheap. Like on every MA12 the cylinder head gasket was blown and needed to be changed. The interior and the whole body were not touched by anyone, except for a set of tinted side marker lights. This very good condition of the car minimized the required work. The great condition is underlined by a rust free shell, which is rare to find nowadays. During the repair of the cylinder head gasket the head was slightly improved so the car has a fuel consumption of less than 5.5 Liters / 100km. [more than 56mpg UK].