'1985 GL

This very early march was 28 years old when it was bought. The condition was very good, it had TÜV and was instantly drivable.

Micra K10 GL (LK10AQI)
Bought from the second owner the car is absolutely untouched. The interior and the body look like new. Originally the car was a spare for a damaged daily driver, now it is an old timer for summer days.

In comparison to the age and the perfect shape, the automatic gearbox is a big benefit. The three gears prevent any stress or rush for the driver, which is a reasonable excuse for the low mileage. In conjunction with no radio and cables for it the car is a very rare Micra.

During the time the complete engine needed a rebuild and the rear body was welded and painted. All plastic parts outside, some electric and the brake system were refurbished during two years. The car was used thirty years without any bigger services.

Beside all necessary repairs the car got two safety upgrades. The original inside mirror has no toggle between day and night driving, which results in poor sight by days and to be blinded by night. The Micra inside mirrors from 1989 to 1992 are able to toggle, so the original one was replaced. The first Micras got tires with the dimensions 145/80 R12 which are an adventure on every turn. Also, here the original rims were replaced by alloy rims out of the Nissan accessories with tires with the dimensions 175/60 R13. These changes where arranged with the TÜV and they were never a problem for the old timer certification.

The old timer certification was passed perfectly in February 2015 and the owner mounted a grille from the 1985 Japanese Mirca.